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On October 1, 2010, in Research, by Angela Jordan

As posted by Chris earlier this week, we recently began to test his “Practical E-Records Method.”

The past few weeks have been dedicated to an analysis of the ALA website, creating a  spreadsheet to survey their electronic records.  In order to gain a better understanding of staff, technology, IT support, and records organization, Liz and I created two documents specifically tailored to surveying the ALA:  a brief web survey for various ALA offices and an  in-depth on-site interview form.  Although we originally contemplated open-source survey software, such as LimeSurvey, we eventually settled on a commonly known application.

Google Docs  has the advantage of popularity; staff uncomfortable navigating new software might be disinclined to complete a more formal survey.  Google Docs is ubiquitous and user-friendly.  From the creator perspective, Google Docs adequately addresses most survey needs; forms based on spreadsheets can easily be shared and edited between staff during the creation and the collection of data.

We tweaked the ALA survey to create a general purpose template that can be used to complete an electronic records inventory of non-government records.   The below web survey is generic enough for adaptation to most situations.  It should provide a good basis for related surveys that assist with data collection in other appraisal areas.  Below is the link to the live form, which you can fill out if you so desire.


If you would like to see the spreadsheet associated with the survey–and the information you input–follow the below link.


Please feel free to use and adjust the survey to your needs.

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  • Liz Gushee

    Hi Chris,
    Thanks for sharing the survey you created for electronic records; it’s very thorough and complete, yet brief.

    The digital archivists from the Mellon-funded project, AIMS (An Inter-Institutional Model for Stewardship) have been working on converting our donor survey to a web form as well and we plan on having it publicly available within the month. Our survey is intended for personal digital archives only so it’s very useful to us that you’ve created one for electronic records as well.
    If anyone would care to check out a survey intended for personal digital archives, they can go here:

    The AIMS archivists love your blog, Chris; we look forward to reading more of your posts.

    Liz Gushee
    Digital Archivist
    University of Virginia