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On May 6, 2014, in Research, by Chris Prom

Recently, I had the opportunity to meet with an administrator whose email will be provided to the University Archives for permanent retention.  Since the materials in question are not being donated the the University, but are being preserved as records, we do not secure a deed of gift.  Instead, the following form provided an effective way to gain informatory about the records and to inform the individual of actions the archives will be undertaking to preserve the records, as well as the management principles that lie behind those actions:

University of Illinois Archives

Transfer Form for Administrative Email Records


Employee Name: _________________________________________________________

Position Title: ____________________________________________________________

Email Address: __________________________________________________________

The University Archives acquires email records with the intent of preserving them for their continuing value to the University. The materials will be managed under the following principles:

  • The Archives will consult directly with me, and/or a designated person from my department, to identify issues/topics that should be addressed when records are deposited.

  • I will be given the opportunity to remove private/non-University records from the records to be managed by the Archives.

  • The Archives will supply tools and/or work with me to identify and remove private/non-University records.

  • Staff from the University Archives in consultation with University Counsel will help identify University records that have a need for continued restriction after deposit (e.g. student records, recommendations, proprietary information):

    • When records have a demonstrated need for restriction, the Archives will consult with depositors and will develop an access policy that is appropriate to the specific records requiring restriction (a variety of conditions can be considered specific to each case).

    • People requesting access to restricted email will be required to agree to access conditions before access is granted.

    • Access to all email will be indirect and mediated by the Archivist.

    • Email will not be placed on websites or directly downloadable, unless prior agreement is reached with the depositor or depositing department.

Private and Sensitive Information

As noted above, the Archives will attempt to identify items that contain private/sensitive information. We may contact you for additional instructions concerning these materials. As appropriate, such materials will be placed under an access restriction or removed from the deposited records.

Please indicate below whether or not the email is likely to contain sensitive information:

    ______ Student records protected by FERPA

    ______ Personnel or employment records

    ______ Protected intellectual property or reseach

    ______ Records protected by attorney client privilege

    ______ Social Security numbers

    ______ Passwords or PINs

    ______ Credit Card numbers

    ______ Financial records

    ______ Medical records/HIPPA protected records

   ______ Licensed or pirated software

    ______ Other materials that have privacy concerns, please specify:


Please supply any information that may help us identify private or sensitive records:


I understand the principles outlined above and I agree to work with the Archivist to achieve the goal of identifying, transferring, and securing email messages in my account having enduring value.


Signed:____________________________________ Date:________________________

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