Processing Tools: Guest Post by Carol Kussmann

On August 9, 2013, in Methods, Research, by Chris Prom

by Carol Kussmann, Minnesota Historical Society.

Over the course of my work with digital records at the Minnesota State Archives, I have looked at many different types of tools to assist with processing and preserving electronic records.  Documentation for most of these tools is often lacking.

Recently I attended two classes by the Society of American Archivists (SAA), Arrangement and Description for Electronic Records (ADER) I and II, given by Chris Prom and was introduced or reintroduced to many tools.

Thinking it would be useful to document the functionality of many of these programs to be able to quickly show my colleagues at the State Archives why they may or may not work with our current environment and workflows, I created information guides that describe the main purpose of the tool, where to find the tool, and how to get started.  These guides were then posted on the State Archives website.  It is hoped that these information guides will help others to more quickly test and evaluate the tools for themselves.

As time permits, and as more tools are explored, additional guides may be posted.


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