1. Assess Resources

Before setting out to set up a new programm, be honest regarding your existing resource base and/or external funding/internal support you can receive for the program.  There are many resources available online to help with resource assessment, such as the excellent Records Management Capacity Assessment, which includes an e-records plug in.

You may wish to undertake a less formal assessment.  As a starting point, you should look at the following areas and calculate a bottom line assessment regarding the time, money, and staff resources that can be put toward establishing a e-records program.  If necessary, you may wish to develop a specific funding request or proposal for either an external or internal audience.

  • Staffing: Current FTE for entire program.  FTE that can be allocated specifically to E-records work.  Are supporting FTE available for IT support/development.  Are other funding opportunities available?
  • Skills: Training and current skill levels of staff.  Cost of additional training/professional development.
  • Hardware/Software.  What platforms/software are readily available, usable without technical support.  Identify any additional resources required for the program. Can they be implemented using existing supported platforms, staff members, and IT support (e.g. administrative rights to desktop or servers).
  • Storage/Media.  Projected growth rate of storage needs.  Projected space available locally (redundant backup) or via outsourced storage.
  • Institutional support.  Support in reporting hierarchy and other partners, what is demand for services, how can new program be marketed/sold.
  • Any additional factors you feel are relevant.

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