E-Records Deposit Policy


For the purposes of permanent preservation and access, the [Insert Repository Name] has developed the following deposit guidelines and policies:

  • All files submitted to us, regardless of file type or format, will be preserved in their original, unaltered state.  For all original files, including those that are not considered supported or preservation formats, we will:
    • Ensure bit level preservation through a passive management program, ensuring that the original files remain unaltered.
    • Generate an MDS5 checksum will upon receipt, store checksums permanently, and provide a mechanism to monitor checksums through manual means.
    • Provide copies of files to users in their unaltered state.
    • We cannot guarantee the availability of hardware or software to view files that are not included in the list of supported or preferred formats.  Those who wish to use such records may be required to find their own hardware or software.
  • For each file formats listed in as a supported format in our Preservation and Access Plan, we will:
    • Accept files in their original state and provide the services listed above.
    • Provide advice and assistance to help you convert supported file formats to a preservation format.
    • Attempt to maintain in-house access tools to render files in their original format.  However, we cannot guarantee the permanent accessibility of in house access tools, and reserve the right to remove file formats from the list of supported formats.
    • If we remove a file from the list of supported formats, we will attempt to migrate such files to a target format, but we cannot guarantee that such a migration will take place.
  • For each file formats listed in as a preservation format in our Preservation and Access Plan, we will::
    • Maintain hardware and software that can render the files in the target format state.  Such hardware and software may be available on site or online
    • If software to render a particular target format is no longer available, we will migrate the files to a new target format.
    • Where appropriate, we will develop online access tools for supported formats
  • We will maintain a copy of each of the most recent versions of the access tools listed in our Preservation and Access Plan on a computer accessible in the [Insert Name of Repository].1

If a format is not listed in our Preservation and Access Plan, please consult us concerning steps that might be taken to ensure long term access to the file or the significant information contained in it. Where appropriate, we can provide guidance to help you migrate such files to a format that will help us provide long-term support.

1. Ideally, the copy would maintain distrubution copies of the software as well, so that renderabilty can be guaranteed. Ss a pracital matter this will only become necessary if the software becomes defunct, the code becomes unavailable, and its features are not replaced by another tool.