5. Implement a TDR

Trusted Digital Repository Options

There is no single ‘off the shelf’ solution for setting up a trusted digital repository into which archival materials can be ingested, stored, and accessed.  Given current technologies,there are three basic approaches that you can take:

  1. Define a set of local policies and procedures for file ingest, processing and storage.
  2. Implement a virtual machine, such as Archivematica, either on a stand-alone desktop computer, or as a virtual appliance on your desktop.  To ensure that files are stored in a secure, trustworthy fashion, either implement an offsite server or tape backup process or contract with an external entity for online backup.  At the end of the process, load dissemination packets into your local access system.
  3. Implement a server-based OAIS tool, such as RODA, within the context of local policies, procedures, and server resources (which includes redundant storage), ensuring that descriptive information in RODA matches that for any external collection management system that you might use.

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