DC 2010 (1985???)

On May 26, 2010, in Research, by Chris Prom

Just browsed thru SAA/NAGARA/COSA program. . . can someone please tell me why only four of sixty-five sessions directly address electronic records issues but the Europeans had an entire conference devoted solely to that topic?

  • We did better last year, but we had at least a couple of us on the program dedicated to that goal. In short, this is the problem of archives. Since we are backwards-looking (focused to some degree on the past), we sometimes forget the future, which is really all that we are about.

    But there have been plenty of e-records only conferences in the US, and I’ve been involved in putting on plenty of all-day mini-conferences focused on e-records. So this is not an entire wasteland.


  • Chris Prom

    Thanks Geof–that is exactly my point. You are certainly right that there is a lot of great work going on and that it is reported at regional meetings, I know the MARAC spring meeting in particular had a lot of great sessions from what I remember of the program I glanced at, and MAC ran a fall symposium on electronic records. There is also DigCCurr, etc.

    It is a bit disappointing, however, not to seem some more of that work represented at the premier forum in the US for archives, and to see sessions (which shall remain unnamed, at least from me) that clearly duplicate content from those from several years back. Also, before anyone misinterprets what I am saying, didn’t mean it to be a criticism of the program committee (if that is how it was taken). It is just as likely/possible that the committee did not get decent proposals in e-records area. I know that, in the end, they can only deal with what was submitted.

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