Submission Policy Recommendations

On March 24, 2010, in Policy and Leadership, Research, by Chris Prom

As I’ve been working with my Office of Intellectul Freedom and Lauterbur files over the past week, it occured to me that it would be a good time to update the recommendations section of this site, particularly the pages regarding submission policies that can be used for overall guidance or with donors.  As a result, I posted two new pages,  an E-records deposit policy and a Preservation/Access Plan, presented in tabular/downoadable format.

I plan to tweak each of these documents for use at the University of Illinois Archives, after I return from sabbatical.  The preservation/access plan is probably the more useful of the two, since I used it to provide a list of supported and preferred preservation formats, as well as open source that a repository can use to render the supported and preserved formats, with relatively little short or medium term risk to the files, based on a passive preservation strategy.

While using such policies would not substitute for an active preservation plan, based either on migration or emulation, using policies like these might be considered and essential first step toward building capacity for such a plan, and I do not think the supporting the software needed to implement it would be beyond the capacity of any archives, if you use a variant of my do-it yourself TDR.


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