WordPress Accessiblity

On January 22, 2014, in Research, by Chris Prom

I have recently been using WordPress heavily on the University of Illinois main website.  We took many step when implementing WordPress to identify a theme framework that made webpages as accessible as possible.  This eventually led us to the Thematic framework–a barebones parent/child theme which provides pretty good accessibility out of the box.

However, there are several accessibility issues that seem to derive from the WP core rather than themes.  That’s way I was so happy today when I stumbled on this post regarding a WP accessibility plugin: http://chronicle.com/blogs/profhacker/make-your-wordpress-site-more-accessible/54631?cid=pm&utm_source=pm&utm_medium=en.

Updated Feb 17, 2014: here is another post about WP Accessibility:  http://chronicle.com/blogs/profhacker/accessibility-ready-wordpress-themes/55683

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